General FAQs

I don’t want to receive promotional material from you anymore.

Please tell us your name and email or postal address and you will no longer receive promotional material from us detailing our latest offers and discounts. Due to our duty of care we will however send you a letter when your next eye test is due.

I get my contact lenses from you through the post can I get Nectar points?

No, as of May 2010 we no longer offer nectar Points. We do however offer Advantage card points and you can register your Adavantage Card at or ask in store for more details on Advantage Card points on the clbp scheme.

I’ve moved

Congratulations, we hope the move went well. Please tell us your old address and your new one and we’ll make sure your details are updated. Post from us may arrive at the wrong address temporarily due to the length of time required to action the change on both our central and Branch database systems.

I’m still using Mositure Loc – what should I do?

You need to stop using MoistureLoc™ and switch to the brands more people around the world have chosen for their contact lens care: ReNu® Multi-Purpose solutions, which have longstanding unsurpassed records of safety and effectiveness. You should always follow the advice of your eye care professional and the directions on the lens care products of your choice. Proper care and cleaning of your contact lenses is the key to healthy contact lens wear.

My Nectar points are not showing on my account?

We no longer take part in Nectar Points. As of May 2010 we no longer offer Nectar points in our stores.

I’m moving abroad, can I have my contact lenses delivered to my new address?

If you are moving abroad with the armed forces, yes we are able to continue supplying you with your contact lenses (and solutions) and would very much like to see you when you visit the UK for your contact lens care check with your lenses in to make sure everything is ok, after all, that’s one of the benefits of joining CLBP –aftercare is included.

If you are moving abroad outside of the armed forces then sadly we are unable to ship your contact lenses to you. Some customers choose to get relatives to send the lenses for them. Again what ever you do please ensure you keep your aftercare checks up to date.

Can I have my PD?

You can have your PD if you have purchased glasses from us in the last 2 years. We need to know the measurement is 100% accurate.

When can I have my contact lens specification?

To make sure your eyes receive the best care possible we need to make sure the contact lenses you are fitted with give you the best vision and comfort available to you. The College of Optometrists gives a guide to the length of time required to trial lenses successfully. This ensures there is no adverse reaction between your eyes and your contact lenses. We will therefore provide you with your contact lens specification not less than 3 months from your original assessment date if you are new to contact lenses.

I’m not wearing my lenses as often as I used to and have got a stockpile, what should I do?

You should call CLBP on 0845 603 2020 to suspend your CBLP for the amount of months of supply you have. This way you will not be paying any money or receiving any more lenses until you are due to, and your lenses will automatically start coming through the door again without you having to call.

I want to make / cancel an appointment

Please call your nearest Branch who will be able to help you. The store locator on this website will enable you to locate your nearest Branch. If you want to book an appointment you can do it here on the website.

There’s a problem with my glasses, what should I do?

Our fully trained staff within our Branches are on hand to help you get the most out of your glasses. Please visit our glasses section for details on our guarantee (

I’ve not received my discount vouchers

Vouchers when requested are sent immediately to the email address entered. If you have not received the vouchers it can be for one of the following reasons:

Should you not receive your vouchers please re-enter your details into the “Get Vouchers” form. Please print the “Vouchers Sent” page containing the vouchers and take them with you when you go for your appointment.

I want to tell you about the experience I had at D&A

We want your experience to be the best it can be while you are at D&A. We know that sometimes things can go wrong and your feedback is a valuable tool in our continuing development. In the first instance we would ask you give all feedback – both positive and negative – to the Branch Manager. We like to empower them to look after all situations. If, however, you would like to share your experience with D&A Head Office please click on the Contact Us link to find out how.

I want to book an appointment for my children

We at D&A recognise the importance of children’s vision and the vital part it plays in their education. For that reason we attempt to see all children after school hours when our Branches are quieter and we can spend quality time with them and worried parents and guardians. We also recognise the need to book children in at half term and the frustration you experience when we do not confirm our appointments with our Branches for more than 3 weeks. While our Branches are not able to book your appointments on our system they can of course take your details and call you as soon as the appointments are on our system.

I have seen a vacancy in a shop window

Click on the recruitment link on the home page to find out more.

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