Eyecare Information for Over-60s

Eyecare for the over 60s

Looking after your eyes

Naturally your eyes are getting older, but with our help there's no reason why you can't continue enjoying good eyesight for years to come. At D&A we pride ourselves on our caring and attentive service: we take the time to look after you and give you all the help you need.

Eye test

A regular eye test is a vital health check for your eyes and this is especially true as you get older. One of the benefits of reaching 60 is that you're entitled to a free NHS eye test every two years, rising to every year once you're 70. Glaucoma, cataracts, diabetes and other age-related diseases can seriously affect your vision if left untreated. A D&A Optometrist can give your eyes a clean bill of health in one simple check-up.

Help with choosing glasses

Whether you're choosing your first pair of glasses or have worn specs for years, we want you to relax and enjoy the whole experience. Our Optical Advisers provide Personalised Advice to help you pick out frames that suit your face shape, colouring and lifestyle, ensures you choose with confidence. If your top priority is comfort, our highly trained staff always professionally fit your glasses so they feel and look right.

Contact lenses

Have you considered contact lenses? Virtually everyone who wears glasses, including varifocals, can wear them. They're so comfortable nowadays that most people forget they're wearing them after just a few seconds. With our Contact Lenses by Post package you get unlimited aftercare as well as the convenience of having your lenses and solution sent to you every month. Ask for details at your local D&A store.

Great value

We want to give you outstanding value for money. In addition to your free eye test, we have a range of permanent deals and regular special offers. There's so much to choose from, to suit all budgets.

Eye health changes

Eyes become more susceptible to common eye problems with age. Rest assured these are often easily treated when caught early at an eye test.


This is an age-related form of long-sightedness. Most people's eye muscles start to weaken from the age of 45 onwards - it's completely normal and natural. By the time you're 60 you'll notice your sight range has been affected. Presbyopia (derived from the Greek, meaning 'old eye') can be easily corrected with varifocal lenses, which enable you to see small print and into the distance with the same pair of specs.


At D&A we check for glaucoma - a build-up of fluid in the eye that can cause a pressure increase that damages the optic nerve - in all our customers aged over 60. If detected early enough, we can control the pressure with simple eye drops.

Diabetic retinopathy

This common complication of diabetes occurs when small blood vessels leak and stop providing the retina with blood. If detected early enough, though, damage to your vision can be avoided.


These tiny spots or specks that float across your vision are normally harmless. Your D&A Optometrist will check to make sure they're not signs of another condition.


Easily detected in an eye test, cataracts - a gradual clouding of the lens - are extremely common in the over-60s but can also cause problems from age 50. If left untreated, they can result in blurry vision or a loss of sight. If they affect day-to-day life a simple surgical procedure can restore sight.

Macular degeneration

The macular is the central part of your retina used for detailed vision and, as your eyes age, it can gradually wear out. Eventually, an 'empty area' can develop in the centre of your vision; your peripheral vision is normally unaffected. Your D&A Optician can explain this further and recommend the appropriate course of action.

Special Offers
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£10 eye check
Plus get 10% off glasses

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Excellent service. Very helpful in choosing from the range offered at the store.
F.M., Beckenham

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